Friday, February 26, 2010

~Sisters weekend~

I'll try to add more pics soon!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Okay I know it's been FOREVER since I posted and I know this is the worst thing to start posting with but I was super excited!

First these are two ideas for the wreaths at my church, which do you like better? And no they are not the same! ;-)

I know no one really cares about this, but it was so cool I had to tell someone. I paid out of pocket: $40.67-$5 off my next purchase that I forgot to use this time, and two free movie tickets ($16 for 2 tickets).

Yes you are looking at it, $1.04 per item!!!
Just to be annoying here is a list of the items:
2 boxes of Banana Nut Cheerios, 1 honey nut Cheerios, 3 boxes of Cinnamon toast crunch, 2 5lb bags of potatoes, 1 gallon of vit D milk, 1 bag of dairy free chocolate chips, 2 containers of blue bunny ice cream, 4lb bag of sugar cane sugar (not beet sugar which is what most kinds are), garlic powder, 8 boxes of cake mix, 1 large container of dish soap, 1 container of overnight diapers, and 1 pack of regular diapers (pampers mind you ;-)), salt, 5 yogurts, and 2 avocados. For a grand total of 34 items!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Havilah's Dresses

I am sorry for the blurry pictures, I think I might be moving my phone to fast, or need better lighting.

This is the yellow sundress

Back of the dress

The pink pok-a-dot dress

Back of the dress

The sailor dress, with matching red bloomer/panties

Back of the dress

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Awesome CVS deals!

So with all these school deals, I've decided to start a system. I am going to make up points for anyone who wants stuff. That way the kids have to do some work for Axe products or school things. So maybe doing some yard work, will give you X amount of points and then before you leave you can redeem them. Seth suggested if you watch TV or play the computer you get points taken away! :-) We'll have to see!

So we have 2 large packages of feminine "thing", 2 stretch book covers (orange and black--go Burlington), 1 pack of #2, 1 body wash, 2 plastic rulers (good "time out" tools), 2 protractors, 2 packs of 3 glue sticks, 2 spiral bound notebooks, and 2 folders! For.........
$5 out of pocket, and got back $22

4 boxes of 12 pk cans, 2 rulers, 2 stretch book covers (awesome argyle), 2 packs of yellow sticky notes, 1 body wash, and 2 projectors.
This was Seth's purchase (ie. the soda!), he spent $14 and got $17 back
The soda was 4/$8 which is the best price I've ever seen!

This is just a funny picture of the reciept, the extra money (ECB's) print out at the end of the reciept. So I think I've even topped mothers longest reciept! Mine was over 5'! :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I know this isn't super exciting but I was excited. Target had a huge toy clearance sale, I bought $445. 29 worth of stuff for $140.44! That is 37 toys, games, and other fun stuff! I was sooo excited! But I couldn't take pictures because then people would know what they are getting for Christmas, and birthdays!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Anniversary Weekend

Seth after lunch

And Seth, being himself!

Inside one of the houses

There were a ton of doll houses, here is one we thought looked like a house from Gone with the Wind

They had a entire section of little people set up in a circus, it was huge

This is a puppet of me on my bad day

...and this is one of Seth!

Here are some tape worms in a bottle to help get rid of any thing!

I am going to get me some of this, baby in a bottle medicine!

This was a old advertisement of how to get rid of unwanted leg hairs! Painful!

Loved this little brand logo

This was kind of interesting, this was a picture of a family

This picture was the family in a frame of dolls that looked like the people

Very scary old dolls, and this place had tons of them!

There were these wizards telling us where to go, Seth was asking him

Another interesting space, very 70's

One of the cute little spaces in the House

Seth was standing in a hall way, trying to keep the walls falling in

Culvers was the nicest restaurant we could find

I was bored!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend

Mary Clare and I at the beach by Lake Michigan

John freezing after running in the water

Mother and John

Dorraj miniature golfing

Mary Clare and Dorraj looking amazingly beautiful


Our golf balls, putters, and our feet

Kissy faces

Mary Clare golfing, I don't know if she was enjoying the course at this time

Sethy and I, a few days after our 4th anniversary

John loved his ice cream sandwich, but my iphone warped the pic so it looks a little funny

Dorraj and I one the train ride

Mary Clare and Seth on the train

Our beautiful mother and our annoying youngest bro, John

Mary Clare and Dorraj on the carousel

John being John

Mary Clare, eating John's ice cream cone

I think she was trying to sneeze here

She really does love bug spray!!!

Me, in case any one wasn't sure